about me

  • my name is jessica (or jess, or w/e~)
  • born on july 16th 1992
  • so that makes me 21 ;sigh;
  • third year of university
  • double major in law & creative writing
  • i love makeup… especially nail polish and lippies
  • i love naps too
  • as well as anything cute, princess-like, or sparkly
  • diet coke or iced coffee are my go-to beverages
  • i like bows and poetry
  • i’m also obsessed with stationery (stickers, sticky notes, memos, you name it, i love it!)
  • i also like pretty boys and boys with piercings/tattoos
  • i’m shy and often quiet
  • i’m constantly growing and try to get out of my lil safety bubble
  • ask! if you wanna know something else image

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